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A beautiful smile opens doors of opportunity.


Meet the Doctor


Dr. Barbara J. Runne

Dr. Barbara J. Runne has lived in the Kirkland area for many years.

Dr. Runne has practiced dentistry since 1985,when she graduated from the University of Illinois College of Dentistry with her Doctorate of Dental Science. Dr. Runne started out by sharing an office with Dr. Michalsen, and then built her own practice at 105 Brennan Drive in Kirkland. In 2014, Dr. Runne added on an addition to her existing practice to accomodate her growing patient load. 

Dr. Runne enjoys spending time with her family. She is married to Larry Theobald and has two sons, Joe and Lee. In her free time, she enjoys kayaking, hiking, running and swimming. 




105 Brennan Drive
Kirkland, IL 60146
(815) 522-3541